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    My month in Tokyo

    Hello everybody!!!


    Today I will write about my winter break in Tokyo and be volunteering at Yadoya guest house. I am glad that I got an opportunity to come to Tokyo and spend my holiday with these good and kind people. I wish I could do more for them. I did small things like translating and cooking Lithuanian food (Saltibarsciai) for everybody. It was really fun and good experience for me. 



    When I came to Tokyo I didn`t know how to ride trains and now I got used to more things than expected. And I started to love Tokyo like Kyoto too. It has a lot of colors and a lot of things are happening where. If you like an adventure, you should visit Tokyo too.


    On Christmas Eve I spend with my other Lithuanian friends. We ate dinner together and exchanged presents. After that, we went to Roppongi and watched amazing illuminations. I didn`t feel the Christmas spirit, but it was fun.


    After New years I came back to Nakano and met my first Japanese teacher (Susumu sensei all his life was the firefighter and now when he is 72 years old he started teaching Japanese students in Lithuania. This year he will come to Lithuania for five times and teach new students Japanese language and culture). I met Susumu teacher after three years, he is energetic old Japanese guy who loves to share kindness with other. 


    With Susumu teacher, we went to Meiji shrine.This shrine is very popular to visit during New Years. A lot of young people come to visit. I would like to tell more history. Meiji shrine is located in Shibuya, Tokyo, is the Shinto shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shouken. The shrine does not contain 
    The emperor`s grave, which is located in Fushimi-mamoyama in South of Kyoto. Meiji shrine represents Japans opening to the west world during Meiji period. From this period Japan becomes economic strong country, become more innovated and western. 

    Meiji shrine


    And now I would like to tell you more about my travels to Ikebukuro and Akihabara. With one of my Lithuanian friend I went to Akihabara and tried karaoke for the second time and I liked it. I would like to go to karaoke again. And the next day we went to Ikebukuro, which has a lot of stuff for anime and manga lovers, especially for girls. I found a lot of cute things and even went to Kuroko no basuke café.

    And I found  `Yuri on  ice anime` cafe too. Victor is so cute.

    I love Tokyo and I would like to come here again. 


    With love, Saule 


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